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Easy data transformation

Easy data transformation

Data transformation is common practice in migration projects. Our solutions can be used to convert extracted data (often generated in CSV) into specific vendor proprietary format, ready to be imported in target environment.

Any2Any is used by our clients to convert Market Data extractions (in CSV) into specific XML vendor format (ex: Murex FgML and MdML DTD). Our ETL libraries reduce the operation risk and the time-to-market of your projects.

Key features

  • Any 2 Any is composed of a set of scripts which allows different data transformation and data conversion:
    • Script “flat to CSV” allows the conversion of structured flat files to CSV files
    • Script “CSV to XML” allows the conversion of CSV files to XML files
    • Script XSLT allows the execution of XSL template on a set of XML files, offering the possibility to convert XML files to CSV files
    • Script “CSV to Flat” allows the conversion of CSV file into several flat files according to an input template
Use cases

Import of Market Data into a Trading System

A Financial institution wanted to import the End-Of-Day Market Data in its Trading System. The EOD Market Data were retrieved from an FTP server as complex Flat files.

  1. The first challenge was to convert these complex Flat files into structured CSV files.
  2. Second challenge was to convert the newly created CSV files into vendor specific XML Market Data format, ready for import into the Trading System

We used script “Flat to CSV” to convert the complex Flat files into well-structured CSV files with a minimum of efforts. During this transformation some mapping rules have been introduced in order to fulfil client’s specific static data naming convention.

Once CSV files were generated, we used our powerful “CSV to XML” script to convert data into vendor specific XML files. The main advantage of our “CSV to XML” script is that the configuration is very simple and therefore the learning curve and maintenance cost are reduced to the maximum.

Instead of developing specific interfaces (similar to black-boxes) which are difficult to support with important maintenance costs, our ETL scripts can perform complex transformations with minimal and simple configuration.

Any 2 Any

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