US BROKER – Migration

EasyRec was selected as reconciliation solution by a major US Broker in New York (name is confidential) for the migration of its Trading Platform from CALYPSO to MUREX.

Requirement was the capacity to reconcile agnostic data (tables, CSV, flat files, …). To handle multiple mappings to deal with the differences in naming convention between the two Trading platforms (CALYPSO vs MUREX).

  • Front Office and Risk Control: P&L, Static Data and Trade reconciliations, covering all product and instrument types
  • Back Office: Payments reconciliation
  • Liquidity Management: Nostro reconciliation and Cash Flows
  • Non Regression Testing: Automatic Validation of binary changes


EasyRec Key Features

  • Data agnostic: capacity to reconcile different data types and format (Tables, Excel, CSV, flat files, XML, JSON, SWIFT, …)
  • Large Data: support for large data (millions of rows)
  • Embedded Pivot Table Analysis: High level reconciliation can be done by aggregated values with drill down capabilities
  • Performances: Capacity to reconcile all data in a minimum amount of time
  • Mappings: Reconcile 2 sources having different naming conventions
  • Cash Flow Reconciliations: define a tolerance on the value date of the flow which is part of the reconciliation keys due to discrepancies in calendar holidays
  • User Comments with Workflow Validation: Escalation of exceptions detected via processing and the capacity to force breaks to match
  • Exception Management
  • Real-time Dashboards: Tracking and monitoring of reconciliation performances
  • Audit Trail: Time stamped by user name, date & time and process taken
  • Scriptable: Reconciliations can be executed by batch



Posted on

23 January 2019