DZ BANK – Upgrade

EasyRec was selected and used by DZ Bank as the official reconciliation solution for the upgrade of the Bank’s Trading Platform, including the global P&L reconciliation of the Bank.

Areas of the Bank included:

  • Front Office and Risk Control: P&L, Static Data and Trade reconciliations, covering all product and instrument types
  • IT: Configuration management & version control
  • Back Office: Payments reconciliation
  • Liquidity Management: Nostro reconciliation and Cash Flows
  • Market Data: Comparison between different Desks
  • Finance: 3 way reconciliation and Accounting reconciliation
  • Non Regression Testing: Automatic Validation of binary changes


EasyRec Key Features

  • Data agnostic: capacity to reconcile different data types and data format (Tables, Excel, CSV, flat files, XML, JSON, SWIFT, …)
  • Large Data: capacity to reconcilie large data (millions of rows)
  • Rich Reporting: EasyRec has the ability to provide trade/transaction verification, irrespective of the product/instrument type, whilst performing the correct data collection and normalization
  • Embedded Pivot Table Analysis: High level reconciliation can be done by aggregated values with drill down capabilities
  • Performances: Capacity to reconcile all data in a minimum amount of time
  • Mappings: Reconcile 2 sources having different naming conventions
  • Cash Flow Reconciliations: define a tolerance on the value date of the flow which is part of the reconciliation keys due to discrepancies in calendar holidays
  • User Comments with Workflow Validation: Escalation of exceptions detected via processing and the capacity to force breaks to match
  • Exception Management
  • Real-time Dashboards: Tracking and monitoring of reconciliation performances
  • Audit Trail: Time stamped by user name, date & time and process taken
  • Scriptable: Reconciliations can be executed by batch


<< EasyRec was selected as the strategic solution for the Bank providing control, reliability with increasing quality of deliverable >> Michael DRELOW, Project Director DZ BANK


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Posted on

23 January 2019